If you wish for a selective removal of all installations or a partial demolition of a building you can be assured that our team is trained for it.

We separate all usable materials and care for proper recycling.

All harmful components, like bricks from asbestos, are dismantled by us in strict accordance with the legal regulations and separately disposed of. Even monument protection does not bother us. If the facade of a building is landmarked, we work with highest diligence and precision. In these cases, we work manually, which means by hand, in order not to harm the building and to avoid affecting the landmarked facade.

What we can offer you

  • Facadism from the basement to the roof
  • Deduction and recycling of all raw materials
  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Adherence to all safety standards

We do facadism on buildings, professionally and competent.
Even landmarked facades stay free from damage.

Make something old ready for something new.

Before we start with the redevelopment, we first have to clean up and demolish in order to start subsequent crafts. As soon as the E.I.S. GmbH comes around with its strong team and modern tools, everything happens extremely fast. Whether you want a rough or a fine demolition or facadism - the strengths of our company are work on schedule and short-term availability. Safety at work, asbestos abatement, the disposal of problematic substances and materials in a professional way according to instructions goes without saying. After the work is done, the team leaves the construction site tidy and well-swept.

What we do Who we are

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