Asbestos abatement

Asbestos doesn't smell, radiate, diffuse and is not a problem in the long run. When the ageing building material is decomposed and releases fibers, asbestos becomes a big threat for your health. This is possible in many buildings that were erected bevor 1995.

Asbestos is natural, mineral raw material, that was already used 4000 years ago.

Asbestos is a fiber shaped, siliceous mineral, that is created by magnesium and ferrous magmatic bedrock due to complex reaction mechanisms under high pressure and at high temperatures.

One distinguishes between the serpentine and amphibole group. If the fiber is inhaled, it can settle on the lung. Late sequela of the unprotected contact with asbestos is often cancer.

Negligent dealings with asbestos cannot only have severe health consequences, but also a criminal prosecution for an ecological crime.

Strapped fiber like in asbestos cement, which was used for roofs and walls, is at least then harmless, as long as it is not damaged. Besides the strapped asbestos, other weakly tied materials can be found in the house. They are more dangerous than the tightly tied ones, because they tend to emit fiber in the ageing process.

Asbestos can be found in the following construction sectors:

Weakly tied asbestos products in buildings were mainly used as:

  • Sprayed asbestos or spray plaster containing asbestos
  • Light grout containing asbestos
  • Asbestos pads, asbestos boards
  • Lightweight building boards containing asbestos
  • Foam materials containing asbestos

Weakly tied asbestos products as a protection against fire, warmth and sound were mainly used as:

  • Floor coverings with asbestos pad
  • Ventilation ducts from light panels
  • Fire dampers and fillings in fire doors
  • Protective curtains
  • Paddings of pipe brackets
  • Sealing cord

The so-called asbestos cement was mainly used for:

  • Roofing
  • Cladding
  • Ventilation pipes

Asbestos fibers can also be found in:

  • Bitumen, roof and seal sheeting
  • Floorings
  • Joint masses
  • Coating agents, corrosion control paint
  • Adhesives
No matter if its white or blue asbestos, the E.I.S. GmbH is your competent contact in the matter of damage remediation.

Every project is thoroughly planned by us and is divided in the following steps:

  • 1.   Determination of the asbestos source
  • 2.   Determination and evaluation of the room air pollution
  • 3.   Decision about the necessity of redevelopment
  • 4.   Choice of the remediation process and creation of a work and safety plan according to German regulations for occupational insurance schemes (BGR) 128
  • 5.   Remediation of the affected areas
  • 6.   Cleaning of surfaces
  • 7.   Coating of critical surfaces
  • 7.   Efficiency review

In the area of redevelopment, we only rely on trained employees and use our modern machines and meters.

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