PCB redevelopment

Polychlorinated biphenyls - short for PCB - are poisonous carcinogenic organic chlorine compounds.

They can be found in the following construction areas:

  • Permanently elastic joint masses
  • Colors and lacquers, flame retardancy paint of acoustic ceiling tiles (fiberboards)
  • Casting and filling compounds, adhesives and putties
  • Plastics, e.g. cable sheaths
  • Isolating liquids in transformers, condensers and hydraulic facilities

Besides these primary sources there are also secondary sources which affect e.g. materials with PCB absorbing properties, like plastics, lacquers or dust.

The urgency of a redevelopment of PCB affected rooms depends on the PCB regulations of the single federal states. In general, the goal of any redevelopment should be to lower the PCB room air concentration permanently under 300 ng/m².

The E.I.S. GmbH Umwelttechnik is specialized on PCB redevelopment.

Every project is thoroughly planned by us and is divided in the following steps:

  • 1.   Determination of the PCB sources
  • 2.   Determination and evaluation of the room air pollution
  • 3.   Decision about the necessity of a PCB redevelopment
  • 4.   Choice of the remediation process and creation of a work and safety plan according to German regulations for occupational insurance schemes (BGR) 128
  • 5.   Remediation of the affected areas
  • 6.   Cleaning of surfaces
  • 7.   Coating of critical surfaces
  • 8.   Efficiency review

In the area of redevelopment, we only rely on trained employees and use our modern machines and meters..

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