KMF redevelopment

KMF redevelopment E.I.S. GmbH

KMF are insulants that are mainly produced with glass raw materials or rocks using recycling materials and additives.

By inhaling it, KMF can have an unhealthy effect. That's why they are mostly divided into 3 protection levels.

  • K1: Substance that has a verifiable carcinogenic effect on human beings
  • K2: Substance that should be rated as carcinogenic on human beings
  • K3: Substance that should generate anxiety in human beings due to possible carcinogenic effect

In the field of construction KMF was often used in the following areas:

  • Roofs
  • Facades
  • Inner ceilings and walls
  • Fire-resistant cladding
  • Ventilation systems
  • Pipelines
Die E.I.S. GmbH is specialized on KMF redevelopment.

Every project is thoroughly planned by us and is divided in the following steps:

  • 1.   Detection of the KMF source
  • 2.   Determination of the KMF
  • 3.   Decision about the necessity of a KMF redevelopment
  • 4.   Choice of the remediation process and creation of a work and safety plan according to TRGS 521, TRGS 524
  • 5.   Remediation of the affected areas
  • 6.   Proper disposal
  • 7.   Efficiency review

In the area of redevelopment, we only rely on trained employees and use our modern machines and meters.

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